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Do you have a leaky home and need advice on what to do? Hype Builders specialises in home re-cladding. We will work with you and your architect to fix your leaky home and ensure your house is up to code.


Leaky Home Remediation

Due to the leaky building crisis in the 1990’s, thousands of homes across New Zealand were built with the wrong cladding, which allowed water to penetrate into the root of a house.

As we all know, once the water is able to reach the framing, the timber can start to rot and with the lack of air flow, houses can become very moist and damp quite quickly. In certain cases, mold can grow on the timber.

Houses built using monolithic cladding systems are considered a leaky home in New Zealand. And having this type of cladding can be dangerous to your health.

Hype Builders has extensive experience working with leaky homes and can help you reclad your home with weatherboards or other exterior cladding.

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